Advantages of an FMHA Membership

Advantages of an FMHA Membership

Join your peers as members of the only organization in Florida whose sole purpose is to protect and promote the manufactured housing industry. With an FMHA membership you will have the benefit of:



  1. Marketing your business and selling homes through our highly-viewed consumer website,

  2. Accessing all pages of, including valuable resources, industry articles, statistics and news.

  3. Reading about  legal and regulatory information we compile saving time and money for our members and their attorneys.

  4. Knowing FMHA Advocates will tirelessly promote the manufactured housing industry both in Florida and the nation.

  5. Monitoring and safeguards against regulations, laws & taxes that can adversely impact your business.

  6. Continual updates on local, state and federal legislative activities that affect your business.

  7. Immediate telephone and email assistance, advice and answers from experts, industry staff or FMHA staff.

  8. Enjoying continuous marketing efforts including internet leads, public relations and promotions all year.

  9. Reading about urgent industry news and informed updates through our monthly newsletter.

  10. Attending the Annual FMHA Convention, including seminars, world class speakers,and  networking with your peers from all facets of the manufactured housing industry.