FMHA Governing Divisions

2017- 2018 FMHA Board of Directors by Division
Developer Division  
Steve Adler Board/Exec/Membership Chair
Dennis Ahearn Board
Frank Alogna Board
Stephen Braun Board
Shawn Harpin Board
Cyndi King Board*/Exec/Immediate PP
Mitch Krach Governing Council
Keith Ormon Governing Council
Gena Paugh Board
Dwight Selby Governing Council
John Staschiak Governing Council
Bob  Young Board*/Exec
Filled Communities Division
Linda Camp Board
Chuck Crook Board
Ron Freeman, Jr. Governing Council
Jim  Hoekstra Board
Tim Newby Governing Council
Rick Sellers Governing Council
Matt Steiner Board/Exec/Secretary
Nelson Steiner Board*/Past President
Richard Webb Governing Council
Nicole Weis Board/Exec/Vice President
Eric Zimmerman Board/Exec
Finance & Insurance Division
Roger Allen Board/Exec
Joe Freismuth Board
Alice Funk Board/Exec
Matt Gentile Board
Scott  King Board
Stephen Weis III Board
Manufacturer Division  
Dennis Schrader, P Board*/Exec
Janette Weis, VP Board/Exec
Beecher Jacobsen Board
Colby Jacobsen Board
Mark Kelly Board/Exec/FMHA President
Byron Stroud Board
Tom Trexler Board
Mike Wnek Board/Exec/MarketingPR Chair
Retailer Division  
Ronnie Cudd Board
Kelly Lake Board
Robert Lake Board
John McPherson Board
Dwight Selby Board/Exec/Treasurer
Terry Starkey Board/Exec
Supply & Service Firm Division
Steve Brignac Board
Ken Cashin Board*/Exec/Legislative Chair
Andrea Ciuba Board/Exec 
John Overmier Board/Exec 
J.D.  Parker Board
Carl Pearse Board
Rob Smith Board
*FMHA Past Presidents serve on the Board of Directors